About Loschicles.com

I had the idea to design this website during my one month stay in Barcelona. The main reason to come to Barcelona was to improve my language skills, an important part of my studies back home. During the time being, I faced common dificulties among students. In other words, problems making the ends meet, especially in Barcelona, which is not particularly the cheapest city in Spain.

Therefore, I was looking for cheap accommodation, a job, useful tips and other tricks in order to find the best way of getting by. I can say that it was not easy to find all this information, as there is no main website for these purposes on the Internet.

Finally, that was my motivation to gather all the relevant information and put it on this site to help students, attenders of language schools and trainees to find accommodation, jobs and other helpful tips.

Besides, here you will find a complete list of all universities and language schools, not to mention practical information to save money, must-sees and spare-time activities. I also saved room for field reports, so more people can share their experiences of living in this excepcional city.