About Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia in the North-Eastern part of Spain. The city is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, 160 km south of the Pyrenees and near the French border. Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain with 1.7 mil inhabitants and it has the reputation of being a metropolitan and vibrant city. Barcelona has a lot to offer: arts and culture, as well as nice beaches and a unique nightlife.
The best way to get to know Barcelona is to discover it off the beaten track. Just walk around the old town with its narrow alleys and enjoy the hustle and bustle. This way you will discover cosy places, typical Spanish bars, and beautiful churches. In two words: Spanish lifestyle.
Barcelona is also a melting pot of young people from all over the world. Some want to learn Spanish, others come here to do some sightseeing and have parties, and others are planning to stay a full semester as exchange-students in Barcelona. Sometimes these international encounters develop into deep and long-lasting friendships.
One has to bear in mind that studying in Barcelona might mean having to deal with many courses in Catalan. Courses with a high percentage of foreign students, however, are held in Castilian. Foreign students are also allowed to hand in written projects in Castilian in agreement with their teachers.