The movie about an exchange semester in Barcelona. Refreshing!
If you plan to study in Barcelona, this movie is a must!

Euro Pudding - una casa de locos - l’auberge espagnole
From Cédric Klapisch

Xavier leaves Paris for one year to study in Barcelona, where he shares a flat with other students. They all come from different countries and have their individual ways of living, partying, loving and – of course studying, which makes the story very entertaining.
The movie shows problems, positive as well as negative experiences and feelings, which every ERASMUS student encounters sooner or later. A refreshing movie, which is good fun but also thought-provoking.

The movie continues:

Las Muñecas rusas – Les poupées russes
From Cédric Klapisch

Xavier is back! Five years after “una casa de locos” we meet him again, now in his 30’s. His dream of becoming a writer has come true but he is still very chaotic. It is also not the easiest task to earn a living with writing and then there is another big problem: women! Somehow it is impossible for him to find the right one, so he wanders from one to the other.
…in the end the “Barcelona-gang” meets again at the wedding of William in St. Petersburg. At this cheerful party they gain some important insights about life.

Feelings of young adults and their daily fights with the ups and downs of everyday life play again a major role in this part.