Job search

The Spanish job market is not the most promising one at the moment. Unemployment rates and main occupation sectors vary according to regions. The lowest unemployment can be found in Catalonia, which makes the job search in Barcelona a little bit easier than i.e. in the South of Spain. Furthermore, the main cities of Barcelona and Madrid as well as the Basque country are regarded as rich regions.

It is not too difficult to find a sidejob as a student in Barcelona, if you are flexible and not too focused on a certain job area. A more difficult task is it, however, to look for a short-term job (1, 2 months). But you also have some opportunities i.e. to distribute flyers.

The best address to look for a job in Barcelona is the Sunday edition of the daily paper La Vanguardia. Website:

The employment market of the provincial government of Catalonia – Generalitat de Catalunya – can be found at:
But this page is only available in Catalan. – International student and internship portal
here you can find some good job offers and internships; rather sophisticated jobs;
Language abilities for several languages are often required.

Go and Connect – Barcelona
Job market with various jobs in Barcelona;
Website available in English, German, French

LoQUo Barcelona
– ad portal for different sectors like jobs, real estate, etc.
Extensive databse with job offers for different job sectors; possible to set up your own profile with CV – online employment service
Here you can search for different jobs in European cities; – Spanish job market portal
A list of job offers in various Spanish cities; mainly offers for long-term employment

Job offers on university websites – these pages are unfotunately only in Catalan

Universitat de Barcelonas’ job page

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelonas’ job page

Fundació Universitat Pompeu Fabras’ job page

Temporary employment agencies in Spain