Spanish projects – papers, assignments, presentations from exchange students at Spanish universities

Here you can find Spanish projects created by exchange students at Spanish universities. At present this database contains mainly assignments of tourism students in Spain. If you are studying tourism, you will certainly find interesting and useful ideas for projects from the various samples. The aim of this database is, that everyone can add his/her Spanish papers, assignments, presentations, etc from different study fields to create an extensive collection. Exchange students in Spain can then search the database for sample assignments in their respective field of study, which is a big support especially in the beginning of their studies.

Projects from the course of studies of tourism at Spanish universities
Power Point presentations Word documents
Presentation of Germany Interview with a hotel sales manager
Presentation of Austria Itinerary for Paris
Presentation of a tourist offer in Spain Castle of Neuschwanstein
Presentation of Ecuador Presentation of a journey through Castilla y León
Presentation of the Austrian Tourism Board in Spain  

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