Loschicles.com - Barcelona for Students

This site Loschicles.com - Barcelona for Students should help students, attenders of language schools and trainees to find accommodation, jobs and other helpful tips. Besides, here you will find a complete list of all universities and language schools, not to mention practical information to save money, must-sees and spare-time activities. I also saved room for field reports, so more people can share their experiences of living in this excepcional city.

About the name loschicles.com:

While designing the website about Barcelona for students,
suddenly my favourite word in Spanish came to my mind:
“chicle”, chewing gum in English.
Would that be the perfect name for this website?

The word sounds funny and after reflecting on it thoroughly, I found more and more connections to students and/or Barcelona.

1. Just think about bored students in a lecture, chewing their gums and waiting for the time to go by.

2. More words in connection with “chicle”!

  • "chic"
    which is applicable for Barcelona; everything is chic in this hip metropolis – bars, clubs, people, etc. – and especially fashion
  • “chica” & “chico”
    there are many chicas and chicos guapos (cute boys and girls) in Barcelona;
  • “chiringuito”
    is the name for a beach bar; Barcelona is known for its’ “chiringuitos”, which are placed one next to the other at the 4 km sandy beach.
  • “chiste”
    which stands for joke, gag, fun, etc. and I can only say that Barcelona is definitely great fun!

As we tried to reserve the address www.chicle.com, we found out that it was already taken. Therefore we turend it into www.loschicles.com and now we think it’s just perfect: the chewing gums!


  • Spanish projects – papers, assignments, presentations from exchange students at Spanish universities
  • Application documents for an exchange semester in Spain
  • List of Links
  • Information about the movies "Una casa de locos" and "Las muñecas rusas"