Public transport in Barcelona and surroundings

You can choose between subway, bus and train to move within Barcelona and its’ surroundings.

However, the subway is the fastest means of transport in the city. It runs from 5 a.m. until midnight from Sunday until Thursday and on the weekend (Friday and Saturday) between 5 a.m. and 2 a.m. Barcelona also disposes of an extensive network of nightbusses, which allows you a smooth journey back home when the subway is not running.

There is no discount for students but you can choose between different tickets covering various zones. I would recommend to buy the ticket T-mes for 40.75 € for Barcelona (zone 1), which allows you can take bus, train and subway. You can buy this ticket at every subway station showing your ID or passport.

If you plan a short-term stay in Barcelona, the best option is to buy a ticket called T-10. You have 10 rides within Barcelona (zone 1) for 6.30 € with this ticket. You can also buy a T-10 to cross more zones. Furthermore you can get a single ticket for 1.15 €, which is not restricted to zones.

Following links help you to find more information about prices, time tables, routes, etc. of Barcelona’s transportation.

Time tables




Subway Schedule

Here you can find information:

  • on particular bus and subway lines;
  • schedules of night busses
  • the airport bus
  • tramway and train (RENFE)


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Official website of the Spanish National Train

Prices and time tables of various train connections and packages;
Possibility to book online
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Bus Schedules

Information on networks and bus lines;
if you click on a particular line, the system gives you the respective schedule

Enjoy a round trip with the Bus Turístic

You have a nice view from the open deck of the bus, but this tour is quite expensive. The price is 17 € per adult/ per day but you are entitled to use this service the entire day and you also receive a booklet with coupons for discounts at various places. There are two routes you can choose from: one to discover the Northern part and the other the Southern part of the city. Starting point is Plaza Catalunya and you can buy your tickets directly in the bus, which operates with a hop on/hop off system. Children pay a special price as well as people who buy a ticket for two consecutive days.

Following links contain useful information on the Bus Turístic.

Prices, points of sale, information on discounts

Schedule of the Bus Turístic

Routes and stops