Universitat de Barcelona

Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona - Espanya (Spain)

This university was founded in 1450 and the present building was opened in 1871. The university is divided into 4 campuses, situated in different parts of the city.

The University of Barcelona is the oldest and largest of the seven universities in Barcelona and the ten universities in Catalonia. More than half of all the students in Catalonia, namely 76.000, are studying at this university. Concerning the number of Erasmus students, this university was among the leading ones in Europe for quite a long time.

Being a student at this university, you can choose among a big variety of programmes, as the University of Barcelona offers 10.000 bachelor programmes and 450 PhDs.
The UB is structured in 5 divisions made up of related areas of teaching, 20 university schools, 97 departments and 78 degree programmes.
Moreover, the university disposes of a huge library with more than 2 million books and around 36.000 journals, etc.

As far as administration and communication within the UB are concerned, the official language is Catalan. Lectures are held in Catalan and Castilian. The arrangement has been made among students and lecturers to choose his/her preferred language. Which language is being used to what extend, varies between the various faculties. In most cases you can inform yourself about the language being used in the respective course descriptions.

According to the UB, students with knowledge of a Romanic language would be able to understand lectures in Catalan very quickly, as there are a lot of similarities – this, however, is disputable as I speak Spanish but can´t understand a word of Catalan. Maybe this is a matter of motivation.

The Catalan language service offers basic Catalan language courses free of charge for students of the UB. You can find more information at: http://www.ub.edu/slc/form/english.htm

Following link shows you address and e-mail of various faculties of the UB.

The international office:

Relaciones Internacionales
Pavelló Rosa (Recinte de la Maternitat)
Primera planta
Travessera de les Corts, 131-159
08028 Barcelona
Tel.:+34 93 402 17 09
+34 93 403 53 80
+34 93 403 55 62
E-mail: relacions.internacionals@ub.edu

Here you can find contact partners for Erasmus students, students of non-European exchange programmes, etc.: