Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Campus Barcelona
Immaculada 22
08017 Barcelona
Tel. 932 541 800
Fax. 934 187 673

The International University of Catalonia (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya = UIC) is a private non-profit institution, sponsored by the “Fundación Familiar Catalana“ and acknowledged by the Catalan Parliament through the Act of 1/1997.

At present there are 330 professors and lecturers and more than 3.000 students. The universitiy offers 17 different study programmes (7 graduate and 10 undergraduate programmes) and more than 50 postgraduate studies. Lectures are held in English.

The university disposes of 2 university centres; one of them in Barcelona in the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and the other in Sant Cugat del Vallés in the General Hospital of Catalonia.
Campus Barcelona - Inmaculada 22, 08017 Barcelona
Campus Sant Cugat - c/Josep Trueta s/n 08195 Sant Cugat del Vallés