Universitat Politecnica de Cataluña

C/Jordi Girona, 31
08034 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 4016100

The technical University of Catalonia is a public university, specialised in the study fields of Architecture, Engineering, Shipping and Maritime Trade, Business Studies, Health Sciences and applied Mathematics. The university was founded in March 1971 and today it disposes of 10 faculties, 40 departments, etc.. More than 33.000 people are studying at UPC, taught by 2.600 lecturers.

About 60 % of the lectures are held in Catalan and only some subjects are offered in Castilian. Although the students are allowed to write projects and exams in both languages, it is recommended to attend a Catalan language course; the university offers basic courses.

Barcelona hosts three of the university centres of UPC and the rest is situated in smaller cities in the surroundings of the city, in Terrassa, Sant Cugat, Castelldefels and Vilanova i la Geltrú. Due to good train connections, it is possible to reach all the university centres within 30 minutes by underground or train, except the campus of Manresa 70 km away from Barcelona.

You can use the following link to check the different programmes at UPC´s study centres: http://www.upc.edu/ari/castellano/3/3.htm and how to reach them: http://www.upc.edu/es/

Three of the five residence halls of the university are situated in Barcelona, one in Terrassa and one in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

If you are interested please contact one of the following offices:

Oficina de Movilidad Internacional Barcelona
(International Mobility Office)
Campus Nord edifici A4, soterrani
C. Jordi Girona 1-3
08034 Barcelona
Tel:+34-93 401 69 37
Fax:+34-93 401 74 02

Oficina de Movilidad Internacional de Terrassa
(International Mobility Office)
Unidad de Gestión del Campus de Terrassa
Edificio Campus, TR10
c. Colom, nº2
08222 Terrassa
Tel: +34-93 739 81 32
Fax:+34-93 739 86 01